Java ModbusException Class Members

public class ModbusException extends RuntimeException

A ModbusException object represents an exception condition related to a communication operation whith modbus slave device. These exceptions include communications exceptions and modbus functions exceptions, for instance , if you try to preset a register and the address is invalid, the modbus slave return a message indicating this invalid operation.

You do not need to create objects of this class, this creation is intended to be made inside Modbus class.


public ModbusException(String s, int iErrorNumber)


s - String with error Description.

iErrorNumber - Error number.



try {

//It's not needed to verify each call for errors

objModbus.ForceSingleCoil((short)17,172,true) ; //force coil 173 ON in slave device 17
objModbus.PresetSingleRegister((short)17,1,3) ; //preset register 40002 to 03 in slave device 17


catch(ModbusException e) {

         System.out.println( e.getMessage());



See also: RuntimeException in Java help files.