Connecting with a serial device

Click Add button and cofigure the serial port characteristics (Com used, baudrate, parity...).

Fig. 3 - Com port parameters.

Port-serial port com1 to com8
BaudRate-Specifies the baud rate
Stop Bits - Specifies the number of stop bits to be used. Use 1 stop bit if parity is used and 2 bits if no parity.
Parity - Specifies the parity scheme to be used.
Time-out - Time-out period for slave response in ms.
SilentInterval -Silent interval marking the begin and the end of a message in ms. RTU messages start and end with a silent interval of at least 3.5 character times. For instance , for baud rate of 9600 bps silent interval is 4 ms , but when doing some pratical tests this value was incresed to 20 ms for correct communication with devices, try to increase this value if you get many communication errors.When using ASCII set silent interval 500 or 1000 ms.
Flow - Specifies the flow control.
Transmission Mode-Modbus use either of two transmission modes: ASCII or RTU.

For a first test leave DCOM|Server empty and uncheck the option Enable TCP Server. Click Ok and if not occur an error you see new connection in the list.

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