Modbus Automation Server Installation

There is no installation setup with this server , but it's not very difficult to install.

System and Files Requirements:

This software was tested with win95 and NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4.0.

You need to install DCOM95 to work with win95 , download from  Microsoft DCOM for Windows 9X

MFC and ATL Run-Time Files :


You can download these files from You do not need this files if  you install Visual Studio 6.0 with the latest service pack.

Files Included with the server:

MBServer.exe - ActiveX server executable.
ModbusServer.tlb - Type Library with server component information.
Modbucfg.exe - Client test application

Modbus Server Installation

  1. Install DCOM95 if you are using win95.
  2. Install MFC and  ATL run-time files from
  3. Extract Server files (MBServer.exe,Modbucfg.exe,...) to any directory.
  4. Open a MS-DOS window and go to the directory where MBServer.exe file is located.
  5. Register MBServer.exe , just type MBServer.exe  /RegServer
  6. Run Modbucfg.exe to test the installation. See Modbus Automation Client.
  7. If you have Visual Basic you can try vb sample. Maybe you have to choose "References" and select MBSever.Exe before running the sample.

        You can uninstall the MBServer.exe typing MBServer.exe   /UnregServer to remove the registry entry and delete the directory where you extract the files. The run-time files should not be uninstalled because many programs use MFC run-time files.