Connecting using TCP/IP

If you have a PLC with Ethernet adapter and it uses Open Modbus protocol it's possilble to send messages directly to PLC using TCP/IP , but if you only have serial devices configure TCP Server before doing this test.

Choose Open Modbus option and click Add button.

Fig 1 - Configuring a TCP/IP client


The parameters are the following:

IP Address - Type IP Address of PLC Ethernet adapter or TCP Server , this address can be numeric format like the figure above or name like if you network is configured to resolve names to IP Address.

Port - IP port used. The default for Open Modbus is 502.

Time - out (ms) - time -out for slave response in ms.

Click Ok , then the program will try to connect with the slave , if the connection succeeds the window will be closed otherwise a error message will be displayed.

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